Monday, January 14, 2008

Buck Jones

Buck Jones: "Buck Jones
Real name: Charles Frederick Gebhart
(Some biographies incorrectly show Gebhard or Gebhardt)

1891 - 1942

Buck's real name was Charles Frederick Gebhart, and his oft reported birth dates and birth place is December 4, 1889 or December 12, 1891 in a 'small house on the outskirts of Vincennes, Indiana'. Buck's parents are generally identified as Charles and Evelyn Showers Gebhart. Apparently, there is no birth certificate or other documentation to confirm Buck's real birth date. Communiques to the Knox County, Indiana Health Department (Vincennes, Indiana) resulted in a reply of 'no record found'. The Vincennes Chamber of Commerce replied that December 12, 1891 was the date they have. Am checking some other Vincennes sources, and will report if I have any luck ... but am not optimistic as other western film historians and authors have tried to locate a birth certificate and failed."

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