Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ideal Metrology by Hermon Gaylord Wood

Ideal Metrology in Nature, Art ... - Google Book Search

The link above goes to to the book 'Ideal Metrology' by Hermon Gaylord Wood -- Gaylord DuBois's grandfather. He built the house in Winthrop, Massachusetts that Gaylord was born in. He was an architect, designing and building many churches, and also has items registered in the patent office.

The book "Ideal Metrology" was published in 1908.

If the link above does not take you to the book you can go to Google Books and search for Ideal Metrology. The entire book is available online.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

DuBois - Wood -- Merritt

It is a daunting task sorting through all of the letters and information I have gathered on grandpa but it has the rewards of tracing out the family tree.
Of course names have caused some confusion at times but it is all coming together. I added the photo above to the photo album on webshots but have not yet named or otherwise identified the photos. As I do sort them out I'll add names or approximate dates.
This photo was one that was a little easier to identify since it was marked on the back. The name of the lady in the photo is Nancy Ashby Merritt. She is the great grandmother of the signer, E M Wood. I believe this to be Elizabeth M Wood, the daughter of Hermon Gaylord Wood. Hermon Gaylord Wood married Mary Elizabeth Luff and when he died in 1913 he was survived by his wife and two daughters. The daughters were Miss Elizabeth M Wood and Mrs Cornelius (Mary) Dubois, Gaylord Dubois' mother, and the one I have known to be called Gran Dubois. The daughter Elizabeth M Wood, who has signed the back of the photo, would be the one I have known as Aunt Betty Wood.
The lady in the photo, by my calculations, is therefore the Great-great grandmother of Gaylord Dubois.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gaylord DuBois - Wikipedia

"Gaylord McIlvaine Du Bois (as it appears on his baptism certificate), or DuBois (He signed it both ways: as two words, both capitalized; and as one word with a capital 'B') (b. August 24, 1899 Winthrop, Massachusetts – d. October 20, 1993 Orange City, Florida) In his lifetime he wrote well over 3000 comic book stories and comic strips as well as Big Little Books and juvenile adventure novels."

Read the complete article on Wikipedia:

n.b. Once upon a time I made an ambitious attempt at getting a biography on grandpa started in Wikipedia. After tremendous problems getting references to work I wandered off and left it with only half of the information even visible.
I can only begin to express how thrilled I was to discover that there are knowledgeable and ambitious people people in this world to take over. The article is much larger now -- well worth the read. Thank you so much to David Porta, Kross, Stephen Day and all the others who have contributed to and made edits and corrections on this article.
I can now honestly say that if you ignore it , it will get better. ~Wendy

Monday, January 29, 2007

Lone Ranger First Edition

The Lone Ranger by Gaylord DuBois

On eBay and other locations on the internet I frequently find copies of the Lone Ranger advertised as '1st Edition' and descriptions that state they are by Gaylord Dubois. They really are by Gaylord DuBois but not always 1st Edition. If it has Fran Striker's name on the [front of] the dust jacket or stamped on the outside cover, it is not a first edition.

Many of these do not have Gaylord Dubois's name anywhere except on the fly leaf title page. The actual 1st Edition had his name on the dust jacket, the front cover and inside on the fly leaf title page.

The Lone Ranger by Gaylord DuBois The Lone Ranger by Gaylord DuBois

I have no idea how many of these were actually printed but I have more than one. One edition has Gaylord Dubois stamped on the front cover but not printed on the fly-leaf title page.

Gaylord DuBois holds up his copy of the dust jacket from the 1st edition of The Lone Ranger
I remember Grandpa having the dust jacket in his treasures with his name on the front. In later years I had, in my treasures, a photo copy of the dustjacket with his name on it.

Through the wonders of the internet I have [now] managed to collect a few of the different printings and have the following in my collection:

2 with the dust jacket saying Gaylord Dubois, the book cover stamped Gaylord Dubois and his name inside on the fly leaf title page -- they are both from the first printing.

1 with no dust jacket, Gaylord Dubois stamped on the front cover and on the spine but not printed on the fly-leaf title page.

I also have one with no dust jacket and Fran Striker stamped on the front cover. It does say Gaylord DuBois inside on the fly leaf title page but is not from the first printing.