Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gaylord DuBois - Wikipedia

"Gaylord McIlvaine Du Bois (as it appears on his baptism certificate), or DuBois (He signed it both ways: as two words, both capitalized; and as one word with a capital 'B') (b. August 24, 1899 Winthrop, Massachusetts – d. October 20, 1993 Orange City, Florida) In his lifetime he wrote well over 3000 comic book stories and comic strips as well as Big Little Books and juvenile adventure novels."

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n.b. Once upon a time I made an ambitious attempt at getting a biography on grandpa started in Wikipedia. After tremendous problems getting references to work I wandered off and left it with only half of the information even visible.
I can only begin to express how thrilled I was to discover that there are knowledgeable and ambitious people people in this world to take over. The article is much larger now -- well worth the read. Thank you so much to David Porta, Kross, Stephen Day and all the others who have contributed to and made edits and corrections on this article.
I can now honestly say that if you ignore it , it will get better. ~Wendy