Sunday, April 01, 2007

DuBois - Wood -- Merritt

It is a daunting task sorting through all of the letters and information I have gathered on grandpa but it has the rewards of tracing out the family tree.
Of course names have caused some confusion at times but it is all coming together. I added the photo above to the photo album on webshots but have not yet named or otherwise identified the photos. As I do sort them out I'll add names or approximate dates.
This photo was one that was a little easier to identify since it was marked on the back. The name of the lady in the photo is Nancy Ashby Merritt. She is the great grandmother of the signer, E M Wood. I believe this to be Elizabeth M Wood, the daughter of Hermon Gaylord Wood. Hermon Gaylord Wood married Mary Elizabeth Luff and when he died in 1913 he was survived by his wife and two daughters. The daughters were Miss Elizabeth M Wood and Mrs Cornelius (Mary) Dubois, Gaylord Dubois' mother, and the one I have known to be called Gran Dubois. The daughter Elizabeth M Wood, who has signed the back of the photo, would be the one I have known as Aunt Betty Wood.
The lady in the photo, by my calculations, is therefore the Great-great grandmother of Gaylord Dubois.

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Isn't it great to be a research detective and put a light on lost facts!