Monday, October 23, 2006

Little Blue Books

Gaylord DuBois wrote 6 Little Blue Books that can be found in the Axe Collection

The title and numbers are as follows:

Simple Recipes for Home Cooking #997 -- 1926
Pocket Dictionary, Spanish-English, English-Spanish #1105 -- 1927
Spanish Self Taught #1109 --1927
French Self-Taught #1207 -- 1927
Easy Readings in Spanish #1222 -- 1927
Visits among the Mormons #1270 (partial) -- 1928
Gaylord Dubois wrote the excerpt called An Intellectual Christian

Many thanks to Faye Landskov, treasurer of the Emanuel Haldeman Julius Collectors Club for her help and support.

Simple Recipes for Home Cooking was probably Gaylords first published work and was published while he was still attending university in Boston.

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